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"Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."

(Anton Chekhov)



From 'messaging the customer base' to a true dialogue


Digitization has greatly increased customer expectation. Today consumers and business partners alike have more choice, less patience and expect a genuine, competent counterpart during their online journey as well.

This represents a great opportunity for companies, but also a clear mandate: to communicate even better and with an authentic human touch.

Chekhov's quote nicely sums up what is important for succesful client communication right now: not to tell customers that you value them, but to let them feel it everywhere - across all channels, and at every touchpoint.


What exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing is fundamentally different than classical marketing communication.
It avoids slogans and promotional advantage arguments but instead, strives to convince the client with tailored, consultative content and communication at eye to eye level.

Consequently, the "content shift" is not limited to revising texts and choosing fresh visuals. Content marketing is a strategic approach of

  • relevant topics in authentic formats,

  • addressing specific clients,

  • via channels they are already present at and happy to use,

  • relying on balanced competences within the team, and

  • focussing on process optimization.


To sum up: It is the most honest, elaborate, and also most sustainable way to build trust and retain the most important people in your business - your customers.




Vision and strategy

The biggest surprise in the shift from traditional to content marketing is often how closely this is interwoven with the strategy and culture of the entire company.
Your customers will sense whether you really have something to say and are truly being yourself.

Communication is icing the cake with pretty words; it is the very essence of every company. This is why you cannot hire us to create content not for you: we will develop authentic content together with you instead!

Together we will find the right strategy for your audience and communication goals.




All customized, no copy-paste

Is your communication suffering from boom and bust cycles? This is a clear sign, that the systems you have chosen do not fit your company's needs.

Your content matters. If you are creating or publishing too little, inconsistently, or finding your content difficult to manage, then we are not talking about a tiny detail. This is highly relevant to your business.

Improving your content is a matter of craft and healthy procedures: a team that can be involved as little as possible with self-organization and system administration and fully focus on creation instead is the key to success. People and talents differ, so they must be allowed to contribute to the best of their best skills.

We help you choose appropriate technology and model processes that will actually work for your team; not against it.

Relationship management


Accessible and relevant

The term "content" has become inflationary in digital marketing; meanwhile being used for campaign data as well as for csv-downloads from your PIM system....

Of course, it makes sense to look at data to interpret results and measure success. But metrics alone cannot build a trusting customer relationships.

Especially in the age of AI, customers more than ever want to know whom they are dealing with and whether they can trust. In order to fully honor this the client as a human being has to once again take center stage. Only those who truly understand their audience will be trusted.

We do want to communicate quick and respond fast in digital times, but not at the expense of relevance and depth.
This can be helped by focussing more on what clients are really saying and less on what we want people to hear.

Your pivotal moment for content marketing


The shift has been a long time coming, and now it's here: Beyond price and product range, smooth person-to-person communication is the most important area of investment.

Business growth is never possible by constantly acquiring new customers alone. To elevate and grow you need to secure your existing customer base. For business partners, values and reliability count in rapidly changing markets. Consumers are seeking an experience with their purchase rather than to own a specific product. Both, B2B and B2C, want to know whom they are buying from.

Strong, trusting customer relationships are the best way to future-proof your own business.


Great content is no small matter. It requires - and deserves - professional support.

Relevant and authentic marketing is particularly important, if you finding yourself in any of these scenarios:


For companies who want to modernize and build new confidence.



For marketing teams striving to realign their powerful output and to grow into a new role.



For seasoned authors and entrepreneurs who want to step up in their communication and lead a new ways for their business.


Creating awesome content is team work! We look forward to helping you reach the next level. Send us your inquiry via this email form beneath or book a free discovery call here.


THAUMAZO Portfolio and References

Buyer personas and storytelling

Highly precious, yet notoriously undervalued: buyer personas are by far the most important tool for successful content marketing. Your corporate communications will benefit from our many years of work with authors on persona development and storytelling. We will help you reach and retain your audience by speaking to their hearts.

Editorial planning and schedules

1% Inspiration - 99% Transpiration: Content marketing is a craft that requires planning and routines. With the right tools, a streamlined system and seamless work processes, you will be able to fully focus is on efficient creation and output.

Thought Leadership

A flash of inspiration, a product idea can change the world. But not without communication. Inspiring, innovative thoughts, too, must be actively spread. Only who knows how to play according to the rules of the industry, will be heard and seen.

Talks and panels discussions

Theory convinces the rational mind; But for a shift in action, you have to see and experience for yourself. Invite us on stage and let us inspire you.

Books and magazines

We believe that brands are the publishers of tomorrow. To offer your target group long-lasting content, knowing the rules of publishing comes in handy. Growing an online magazine or podcast into a printed journal or book is often just a small step. With our many years of experience in book production and working with authors, we are by your side on this exciting journey.


Anyone with relevant topics should produce audio content today. In times of visual overkill, people are ready to invite audio content into their personal space. Be present here.

Content strategy and change management

Content marketing is not a complementary project or an additional skill. It requires a change process that fundamentally transforms your existing marketing. We ensure a successful transformation.

Industry focus ecommerce

Content is not just a craft; content also needs domain knowledge. We have been active in German e-commerce for 15+ years and know the topics, players and market peculiarities like the back of our hand.

Funnels and lead management

Leads are no longer "collected" at the trade show booth. Lead generation is a matter of trust that begins with communication at eye level.


Despite all the prophecies of doom about the death of blogs, online articles in blogs and magazines are extremely popular. As the first original online format and 100% owned, blogs are the ideal place to showcase your expertise in an easily accessible way. With a wisely chosen strategy, system and topic plan, a blog is the content powerhouse that leads your communications.

Newsletters and email marketing

What's addressed with an @ gets more attention today than postal on paper. Maintain your contact with premium content in your clients' mailbox.


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About thaumazo

[thaumázō] –  to wonder, admire, be amazed (ancient Greek).


Who we are

Thaumazo is a publishing and communication studio with the goal of bringing high quality content to the market and advancing companies in their segment in terms of communication.


Who you are

Our clients are authors with bestseller aspirations and companies that take communication seriously at eye level.


Our Why

We like to work on value-oriented, interdisciplinary topics. Our focus is on strategy and channel-optimized storytelling - because no one can turn down a good story!


Where we come from

Founder Caroline Helbing is a communications expert and philosopher with many years of experience as Head of Product, Head of Customer Management and Content Strategist in e-commerce.

At the same time, as a journalist, author and project manager, she has launched many very different publications from traditional publishing to indie publications and self-publishing.


Where we are going

Thaumazo marries both fields: high-quality publishing products and multi-channel content creation go hand in hand today.

Because authentic communication is highly individual, Thaumazo has established a broad network of professionals and creatives since 2016. This allows us to flexibly respond to your requirements and strive for the best result in each case.... and achieve it.


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